Academic Programs

The Department of Communication Studies offers two degree programs in the study of human communication — a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies.

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate major features a flexible, developmental program of study, designed to prepare you for the individual communication challenges each of us faces in our rapidly changing world. Beginning with foundational and performance communication studies courses, you will be introduced to theoretical issues in the discipline, while working to develop communication competence in oral and written skills. As you advance into upper-level elective courses, you will investigate theoretical perspectives that inform communication research and gain practice applying them critically to problems of human communication.

Graduate Program

The master’s program promotes a more robust understanding of the functions of human communication in its various forms and venues. It offers the opportunity to pursue a 30-hour, individual plan of study, designed around a common core of theory and method requirements that will introduce you to these areas of scholarly research: communication and culture,  interpersonal communication, rhetoric and political discourse, and organizational leadership. Through approved elective courses, you are able to develop your critical skills in communication analysis and strategic communication.