Departmental Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TAs) awarded by the Department of Communication Studies are competitively selected from among students accepted for admission by the Graduate School at The University of Alabama into the departmental Master of Arts degree program.

To be considered eligible for the following academic year, those interested in applying for a TA should submit their application for admissions by 1 February, but earlier submissions are encouraged. Applicants submitting after 1 February may be still be considered for assistantships, if available.

Benefits and Responsibilities

TAs are typically awarded for a single academic year, fall and spring semesters, and the stipend is paid monthly, divided over nine months.  Along with the stipend, TAs include a tuition waiver. Students holding TAs with the department must be enrolled in the M.A. degree program, taking 6-10 credit hours per semester, and maintaining a B average, or better, in their course work.

M.A. applicants may apply for a TA position in one of three areas:

  1. Assisting in the Alabama Forensic Program, in one of three areas:
    • Alabama Forensic Council, a nationally competitive Individual Events team
    • Alabama Debate Society
    • Alabama Campus Forensics
  2. Serving as a performance lab assistant for COM 123 Public Speaking, under the general supervision of the Director and the Assistant Director of the Public Speaking Program
  3. Assisting in the instruction of the department’s core curriculum courses:
    COM 100 Rhetoric and Society
    COM 101 Principles of Human Communication
    COM 122 Critical Decision Making
    COM 220 Interpersonal Communication

Those interested in applying for assistantships in the Alabama Forensic Program should make inquiries directly to Dr. Ben Pyle, Director of the Alabama Forensic Program.

Those interested in applying for assistantships in the Public Speaking Program should contact Dr. Adam Brooks, Director of the Public Speaking Program.  All other applicants should direct their inquiries to the chair of the Communication Studies Department.

How to Submit an Application

Once admitted, students will be invited to submit an assistantship interest form in which they articulate their experiences and interests that position them for a teaching assistantship, as well as specifying their preferences for the type of TA position. Applicants interested in teaching COM 123: Public Speaking will be asked to submit a link to a video-recording (e.g., URL to digital file) of their speaking ability — a 5-7 minute speech or other formal oral presentation.