The department reviews all admission applications for the MA program in accordance with the Graduate School Admissions policies. Refer to the Graduate School Admission information and criteria.

Applications for main campus admission are reviewed for both fall and spring term entry, though fall entry is encouraged. Applications for distance learning admission are reviewed year-round for fall, spring, and summer term entry. Decisions for distance learning admission are made on a rolling basis, based on available space.

Recommended Dates for Submitting Admission Applications

The following deadlines are strongly recommended for priority consideration:

1 December: for applicants requesting departmental nomination for University of Alabama Graduate School fellowship opportunities

1 February: for applicants requesting consideration for departmental assistantships

1 April: for distance learners seeking summer entry

1 May: for main campus applicants seeking fall term entry

1 July: for distance learners seeking fall term entry

1 November: for all applicants seeking spring term entry

Applications received after the recommended dates listed above may still be considered, depending on the availability of space and resources, but are not assured.

Application Process

All those interested in being admitted into the program must apply for admission to the Graduate School of the University of Alabama the semester prior to their anticipated start date.  Be sure to consult the Graduate School’s standards of eligibility for admission.

  1. Complete the Graduate School’s online application. If you are applying as a distance learner, you must check the Organizational Leadership Emphasis option on the application.
  2. Pay the application fee.
  3. Submit a copy of your academic resume/CV, in which you include the names of three academic references and their contact information.  Be sure to provide an official email address for each person you name as a reference.  Actual letters of recommendation are not required.  Please note that if you put names in the “Letters of Recommendation” section, those references will receive an automatic request to provide a letter in your behalf.
  4. Provide transcripts for each institution of higher education at which you have completed 15 or more credits
  5. Provide English Language Proficiency Test Scores (for non-native speakers of English)
  6. Provide a Statement of Purpose. Please refer to the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose should be a 1-2 page essay, including the following information:

  1. Why are you interested in studying communication? How have your experiences, interests, activities, and/or achievements shaped your interest in Communication Studies?
  2. Discuss how your interests align with the department’s courses and faculty. What sort of questions, ideas, challenges, or problems do you hope to explore?
  3. What will you bring to our program and your classes? What experiences and abilities will help you be a successful graduate student and contribute to our learning environment?
  4. How will the completion of an MA in Communication Studies help you achieve your goals?

In reviewing applications for the M.A. degree in Communication Studies, graduate faculty members prioritize the statement of purpose essay as the key component for making review decisions. They are evaluated for writing proficiency as well as content.

Departmental Assistantships