About UA Forensics

Founded in 1946, the Alabama Forensic Council is the oldest co-curricular organization at the University of Alabama. Student members of the council participate in the University’s forensics program & attend both regional and national intercollegiate forensic competition. Our guiding philosophy is to respect the process of collegiate forensics so that our students can achieve greatness within the activity. Our hope is that the students who compete on the team compete at the highest level and with the highest degree of dedication to continue to bring the awards and accolades the Alabama Forensic Council is known for back to Tuscaloosa.

Mission Statement

The Alabama Forensic Council, the competitive speech and debate program at the University of Alabama, aims to promote intellectual discovery, enable professional development, strengthen and utilize one’s unique voice, construct democratic messages, engage in interpersonal and rhetorical exploration, and foster community

Coaching Staff

Dr. Benjamin Pyle – Director


Brent Mitchell – Assistant Director



The Alabama Forensic Council is pleased to offer highly skilled and academically motivated students scholarships to compete on the team.

Email Dr. Pyle to learn how you can get involved.

The application deadline is January 1st.

Championship History

The Alabama Forensic Council has a long and storied tradition of excellence at the American Forensic Association-National Individual Events Tournament.

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