About Us

Founded in 1946, the Alabama Forensic Council is the oldest co-curricular organization at the University of Alabama. Student members of the council participate in the University’s forensics program & attend both regional and national intercollegiate forensic competition. Our guiding philosophy is to respect the process of collegiate forensics so that our students can achieve greatness within the activity. Our hope is that the students who compete on the team compete at the highest level and with the highest degree of dedication to continue to bring the awards and accolades the Alabama Forensic Council is known for back to Tuscaloosa.

Mission Statement:
The Alabama Forensic Council, the competitive speech and debate program at the University of Alabama, aims to promote intellectual discovery, enable professional development, strengthen and utilize one’s unique voice, construct democratic messages, engage in interpersonal and rhetorical exploration, and foster community

 Coaching Staff

Bobby Imbody – Director

Director of Forensics
University of Alabama
Box 870172
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Cell: 785.317.0035
Office: 205.348.8077

Cory Paul Harrison – Assistant Director

Assistant Director of Forensics
University of Alabama
Box 870172
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Office: 205.348.3437

Sarah Brashear – Graduate Coach
Joseph Quintana – Graduate Coach
Kelseigh Redmon– Graduate Coach
Jahman Rondo Hill – Graduate Coach

Tournament Schedule

The Frank M. Thompson Swing
Crimson Classic and UA Alumni Tournaments

Yearly in October
October 17-18, 2015

Register at www.speechwire.com

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The Alabama Forensic Council is pleased to offer highly skilled and academically motivated students scholarships to compete on the team.

Click here for the Scholarship Application Form

Once you have downloaded the application please take the following steps:

1. Fill it out with a black pen.
2. Scan and email, fax, or mail it back to the Director of Forensics.
3. Email the Director of Forensics to set up a time to audition for the team.

Application deadline is January 1st

Championship History

The Alabama Forensic Council has a long and storied tradition of excellence at the American Forensic Association-National Individual Events Tournament.

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Announcing the formation of the AFAN!!!

AFA – Welcome Back! Whether as a competitor or coach for the Alabama Forensic Council, you have played a role in creating a legacy that dates back to the formal creation of the speech team in 1946. Thanks in large part to your contributions while a part of the Forensic Council during your time at The University of Alabama, we are continuing to build the legacy of the oldest intercollegiate activity on campus. As part of the its past, we want you to be part of the Forensic Council’s future. Director Bobby Imbody and College of Communication and Information Sciences Dean (and coaching alumnus) Dr. Mark Nelson are excited to announce the creation of Alabama Forensic Alumni Network. The AFAN is designed to reincorporate alumni to the Forensic Council’s mission. With tailgates, meet-ups, judging opportunities, and work weekends, we want the amazing alumni of the team to play a concerted effort in connecting the current competitors and coaches with the vast Alabama Forensic family. This is only possible with your involvement!