Dr. Jane Stuart Baker

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Organizational Leadership Emphasis

Phone: 205-534-3949
Email: jsbaker@ua.edu

Dr. Anneliese Bolland

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Research Scientist, ICIR

Office: 490 Reese Phifer
Phone: 205-348-3225
Email: acbolland@ua.edu

Miranda Carlisle

Program Coordinator
Academic Outreach, CCS

Office: 127f Martha Parham Hall
Phone: 205-348-6516
Email: mcarlisl@ccs.ua.edu

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky

 Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor, Integrated Marketing
New York University’s Division of Programs in Business in the School of Professional Studies

Email: brandon@chicotsky.com

Dr. Thomas W. Duke

Adjunct Instructor
Communication Studies

Office: 210-I Reese Phifer
Email: twduke@crimson.ua.edu

Chelsea Martin Fancher

Adjunct Instructor
Public Speaking Program

Office:  2074 H.M. Comer
Email: cafancher@ua.edu

Dr. Schernavia Hall

Assistant Director
Admissions Operations
Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships

Office: 203m Student Services Center
Phone: 205-348-2679
Email: schernavia.m.hall@ua.edu

Jeremy Henderson

Student Care and Well Being

Office: 2521 Ferguson Center
Phone:  205-348-2461
Email: jhenderson@sa.ua.edu

Dr. Dan Mangis
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Communication Studies

Email:  daniel.e.mangis@ua.edu

Jeremy Reid

Coordinator of Special Programs
Undergraduate Admissions&Scholarships

Office:  203W Student Services
Phone: 205-348-4490
Email: jeremy.reid@ua.edu

Beth Coker Simmons

Marketing Coordinator
School of Music Events/Venues

Adjunct Instructor, Public Speaking Program

Office:  Moody Music Building Room 169
Phone:  205-348-1477
Email: elizabeth.simmons@ua.edu

James Wilson

Adjunct Instructor
Communication Studies

Office: 210-I Reese Phifer
Phone: 205-348-3421
Email: wilso144@ua.edu